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Your visit to AffiliateStop.Com indicates that you have consented to be bound by this privacy policy and its terms and conditions.


We have set certain regulations and put policies in place to protect all our consumers as well as their confidential data.

Site users’ info

AffiliateStop does not store information of the visitors to the site. All visitors remain anonymous when they browse through our store. Your personal information is only collected when you willing signup with us. Even so, your personal data is not shared with anyone else.


AffiliateStop.Com understands that people enjoy confidentiality especially with personal data. In view of this fact, we at AffiliateStop have taken the necessary measures to safeguard information regarding our company and all those we do business with. All the information is treated with utmost care and esteemed highly. We do not avail information about our affiliates and merchants on public domains unless otherwise required. We also ensure that our servers are upgraded to stand any potential threats of malicious retrieval of information.

Data Sharing

AffiliateStop.Com takes its term and conditions very seriously and binding. By becoming an affiliate, you agree that AffiliateStop can share your personal information if need be to legal authorities in compliance to the law. However, AffiliateStop.Com makes sure that you will get notified as soon as possible in case of such an incident.

Policy on Spam

The internet is full of spam that is in circulation. Here at AffiliateStop we make every effort to stop circulation of spam from our server, our affiliates or other partners. Unfortunately,  we can not assure you fully that you will never receive spam mail. This is due to the fact that the servers of our partners are not in our control. This should not be a worry as we try to ensure this never happens or worst case scenario it is kept on the minimal. Should you receive spam mail from our affiliate, feel free to unsubscribe immediately. For further assistance reach us on our direct line 555-5555-555 or send us an email on info@AffiliateStop.Com.

Changes and consent

When you agree to this policy terms and conditions, it is deemed that you are 18 years old or above. AffiliateStop does not do business with minors below this age. You also agree that we at AffiliateStop have the right to change and alter this document as they deem fit.

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