Welcome to our FAQ page. We try to answer most of the queries that have been raised over the years. We will keep updating this page with time and when there are new developments in this great industry of affiliate marketing.  Kindly remember that you can always contact the AffiliateStop.Com staff anytime and we will be glad to help you.

  1. How much do I pay to become an affiliate?

There are several affiliate programs that charge a minimal fee to join. However, here at AffiliateStop.Com registration is free. We do not charge any amount. Feel free to join at any time. (Click here to register)

  1. How do I become an affiliate?

To become an affiliate visit our homepage and click on the register (click here to register) or the signup button  on the homepage. We have simplified our registration procedure by providing the necessary instructions and simplifying the process fully. Fill in all the required information and be sure to read all the terms and conditions on our privacy policy. When you accept out terms and conditions you become an affiliate of AffiliateStop.Com.

  1. How do I earn commission?

Earn commission by promoting our products and making sales. You can also earn by introducing affiliates who sign up with us.

  1. How much commission will I get?

Your commission is dependent on your effort. Commission is currently offered at 50% to our affiliates. There are other incentives that we offer to recognize our hardworking affiliates.

  1. How do I compute commission for my affiliates?

AffiliateStop.Com has provided software that automates the process. Keep track of all your affiliates and all their transactions with ease. You will not need to compute anything as this will be automatically done by our feature.

  1. How do I get my commission?

We currently pay our affiliates every fortnight. You will receive your earning twice in a month.  We also ensure that you get paid at your comfort. We have offered several ways to make payments. All you need to do is establish which method you prefer. (Click here for payment methods)

  1. Any special offers?

We have offers from time to time. We want to motivate our clients to make more money and be aggressive in promoting our products. Keep checking our offers page for updates on current offers.

Did get your query answered? If not please feel free to contact us on 555-5555-555 or send us an email on info@AffiliateStop.Com and we will be glad to help. (Click here to register)

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